Vince Camuto Solare Cologne Review

Cologne is the calling card for the discerning gentleman. Cologne can enhance or destroy your first impression. A good cologne will distinguish you from the Axe wearing adolescent and the wannabe with the dollar store “smell alike” and the cheap suit. It is therefore vital to have at least one good-quality scent to overlay on your natural man-musk.

Over the years I have worn many scents, But none are quite like Solare. Though there are many ways to judge a scent I believe there is only one way that matters for most men: the spouse smell test. The test is basically done as follows. Bring your significant other (or the closest approximation) to the mall with you and proceed to lightly spritz small areas of exposed skin with various colognes, allow them time to smell the top notes, then the heart notes and – most importantly – the base notes. Observe their reaction to each. Don’t rely on what they say, watch their face and eyes and listen to the tone of their voice. Choose the one that gets the strongest reaction. This is the only test that I use. My wife absolutely loves Solare so I wear it exclusively.

I am no expert but to my nose the mandarin top note is very powerful and sweet. The heart notes come to the fore next and are nice and spicy. The base notes stay for the long haul and can still be smelled on the chest and neck after a full 10 hour day. The overall scent profile is light and sweet, but distinctly masculine.

Though Solare makes a bold statement its price tag is modest: around $50 for 3.4 oz on If you’re tired of the same-old same-old, give Solare a chance: it may just be a home run with the ladies.

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