Thinking about purchasing the ‘best eau de parfum’ this Christmas?. Well maybe it’s not one of those generic new kids on the block but a timeless classic like Tom Ford's 'Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfum  for that someone special (even yourself!)?. Here is my review after 6 weeks of use. Oh, and this is what I really think, no it really is!. Is it possibly right for you or your ‘other’?

Intrigued?. Then read on ‘Perfumista’:

Christmas.. Ah the sights and sounds of the high street, the bright lights and wondrously enchanting smells in big store perfume departments. The ‘clever’ advertising campaigns by all the usual suspects (and don’t dare deny they catch your eye!). It was exactly those somewhat idyllically cheesy ads that led me to ‘Galleries Lafayette’ in Lille’s old city centre. Why? Because it is THE place for the best Eau de Parfum in the area).

I needed a replacement for my last few drops (sorry, sprays) of Odori’s ‘Tobaccco, my ‘Meilleur Parfum Masculin du Moment’ or ‘Best Men’s Fragrance’ of the Moment. I had (with a somewhat heavy heart) already accepted I had to let go of my addiction to the clever mix of beeswax, honey and tobacco leaf that was the Italian masterpiece I had almost emptied. Alas, there was no replacing it. The Odori House was no more, as they had sadly gone out of business in the recession. Anyway, it was definitely time to open my mind to a new ‘odeur gourmande’.

Whilst browsing the mesmerising rows of sparkling bottles and sharp packaging I saw Tom Ford’s collection.. Everybody’s favourite fashion cowboy (well, at least those of us ‘in the know’ anyway) Tobacco Vanille eh?. Hm. Was it even a candidate for the best eau de parfum competition going on in my head?.

An older fragrance from 2007, this was clearly going to be very interesting. Not renowned to be a heavyweight or a bestselling men’s fragrance or even a top rated men’s fragrance but one that had managed simultaneously to somehow stay under cover, yet retain a core fan base of ueber cool cats and sassy kittens. It was definitely one used by that aforementioned ‘In the know’ crowd!. That is surely the point isn’t it?

Starting professional life initially as an architect our savvy Texan friend then switched to the world of fashion, working for big hitters of the fashion arena like Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. He moved to film and was responsible for the controversial advertising campaign for both YSL’s Opium and M7. He also directed his first film in 2009 – ‘A Single Man’, which was well received by critics and viewers alike, earning various awards and nominations for both director and actors. Followed by his critically acclaimed ‘Nocturnal Animals’ in 2016.

Tom’s perfume creation started in 2006 and he now uses dozens of the world’s most talented ‘noses’. This incredible ‘Tom of all trades’ seems to have chosen well because they seem collectively to have a habit of creating fragrances that have a certain collaborative consistency, a certain trade mark ‘whoosh of profound intensity’ which always dries down into something exceptionally special, obvious yet understated and intriguing to the far but wonderfully intense to those close to the wearer. It seems that all of his perfumes always have this classic ‘Tom Ford’ richness, this depth, this opulence.. Stick with it people because patience is the key here. Get through the heady opening and wait for 10 minutes. I promise you, it is well worth the wait!.

The uncomplicated and clean ‘craftsman’ style dark bottle feel like quality and look like something that would make any recipient feel special (even if that also happens to be the buyer ;).

The first thing you will recognise is vanilla, lots of it. This is followed by a soft hint of tobacco leaf, both balmy and rich. It envelopes almost like a warm winter coat which is ‘lined’ with equally warm touches of dried fruits and honey, laced with hazy blended spiced ginger. The vanilla is slowly accompanied by soft hues of cocoa and a beautifully rich sweet wood sap oil finishes through this elegant fragrance. Give it around ten minutes or so and you will experience the true raison d’être of this clever olfactory creation. The dry down, the simply wonderful dry down.

Perfectly masculine and elegantly feminine this is a true modern ‘unisex’ perfume, even though, at 10 years old you would expect it to be a little ‘stayed’. It still continuously enchants those who catch an even subtle olfactory ‘glimpse’ of it. A deliciously androgynous number in every respect, it is suited for cosy nights in together or that special evening out on the town! No doubt it is you who will get nothing but compliments!.

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