8 Best Safety Razor Blades For Personal Use

As someone with more than 10 years of wet shaving experience, I have tried many best safety razor blades.

Like most modern men, I started with a Gillette razor. I still have the 1960’s model of Gillette safety razor blade that my grandfather bequeathed to me.

My first week of using Gillette was fine. The second was average and starting from the third week, effectiveness slowed down.

Using Gillette is not prohibitive (cost of less than $5 a month), but you can still save more money and end up with a better shaving experience by using other blades.

Other brands I have tried out are Shark, Lord, Derby, Astra and Feather. As a person with sensitive skin and a very thick beard, I have found out that Shark Stainless steel blade gives me a close shave with little or no irritation. 100 Shark razor blades last me for close to two years.

This translates to a very small charge every month. Shark costs much less than $0.1 a piece.

It is much cheaper than Gillette but much more effective. With shark, every shave is perfectly smooth and close without the decaying effect associated with Gillette.

Of course, there is a learning curve in using double edge safety razor blades. You need to learn the perfect angle to hold the blade and be acquainted with wet shaving techniques.

For your overall success, you will need to purchase a shaving brush and shaving soap.

Everybody skin and hair is different. Thus, what works for me, might not necessarily work for you. Let us try to find the best double edge safety razor for your circumstances.

1. Shark Super Stainless Steel Best Safety Razor Blade

Your search for the best blade ends here. This is the best blade in the market. You get a super close shave with just two passes. In addition, there are no burns, no irritations, no puling, and tugging: just a baby butt smooth shave.

I work in a highly professional office therefore; I need a clean, professional look every morning.

I get this from the Shark best safety razor blades. I have an extensive pre-shave routine that makes me to achieve a close shave after just two passes. First, I soften my beard by taking a hot shower. I also use a shaving brush made of badger fur.

Other tips that help me to achieve the best shave when using Shark razor blades are:
1.) Have the blade at an optimal cutting angle of thirty degrees

2.) Run the blade in three phases
First, against the grain
Secondly, across the grain
Finally, with the grain

To be honest, I have to say that Shark razor blade is not as sharp as Feathers. However, it still delivers a superior shaving experience than other razor blades. I have a thick and long beard but I still find shark blade to have the perfect sharpness for my beard. What I love most about it is that I do not have to worry about cutting myself if I happen to be a bit sleepy when shaving my beard in the morning.

• Baby butt smooth shave
• No burns
• No irritation
• No tugging
• No pulling
• Affordable
• Close shave
• Superior shaving experience

• For the best results, you have to spend some time preparing your beard with a shaving brush and soap
• Not as sharp as Feathers but might be more effective than Feathers
• They lose sharpness after a number of shaves but you still end up with value for money since they are affordable

2. Astra Double Edge Safety Razor Blade

If you are sick of wasting money on disposable blade cartridges, there is a solution for you. It is the Astra Platinum double edge safety razor blade. This will cost you less than 10 cents each piece and you will get effective performance. Astra will give you unsurpassed smoothness, quality and durability. With just a single pass of this blade, you will get a close shave.

• Durable
• High quality steel
• Smooth shave

• Less aggressive
• Does not come with a blade disposal case therefore you will need to buy one
• Lack of quality consistency

3. Feathers Double Edge Blades

I discovered this blade on Amazon. They were highly recommended to me by my barber. After telling him how most razors, are a torture to my face, he gave me a Feathers double edge safety razor blade to take home. He also recommended that I use a shaving brush as part of my morning male grooming routine.

With this blade, it was love at first shave. I got a close, clean shave without any razor pain or burn. In addition, there is no cutting the skin or pulling the hair. I have used this blade for my everyday shaving and it still remains sharp and performs well. Most Amazon reviewers have expressed happiness with this blade and they highly recommended it.

Feathers double edge safety razor is among the best safety razor blades. It offers the best in sharpness and quality. This is a double edge safety razor for experienced shavers because of its sharpness.

• Outstanding longevity
• Remains sharp after many shaves
• Facilitates smooth shaves

• Not suitable for beginners in wet shaving
• Because of their extreme sharpness, you can hurt yourself if you are not careful
• Can cause skin irritation

4. Derby Blades

These are great blades and the packaging is good. Under $10 for 100 derby blades is one of the best razor blades deals that you can get on Amazon. Having a smooth face for such a low price is a great deal that you should not pass. Derby best safety razor blades are just as sharp as premium razor blades but they come at an affordable price.

When using derby blades just as when using any other safety razor blade, you need to find the right balance between lather, technique and blade. What works for another person will not necessarily work for you.

• Sharp
• Fits all types of safety razors
• Made using high quality stainless steel

• Can irritate the skin, do not use if you have sensitive skin
• Lack of consistency in quality
• You might need to use a fresh blade for each new shave for top sharpness if you have a thick beard

5. Personna Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

Throw away your gimmick razor blade that costs more that it is actually worth. Here comes the Persona double edge safety razor blade. One blade for less than $0.15, 25% extra sharpness and off course, Made in the USA best safety razor blades. This is a necessity in your male grooming kit. Persona blades are great blades for smooth and comfortable shaving. Save money and get a better shave with Persona.

• Consistent quality
• Made in the USA
• Comfortable and effective

• Does not maintain its sharp edge after two shaves
• The logo on the blade is blurred
• Can sometimes irritate the skin

6. Super Iridium Double Edge Razor Blades

I recently watched one of YouTube’s most famed video titled, “Choosing the Right Razor Blade.” In this video, Con Kazantzidis of “Shave the Man,” ranks Super Iridium double edge razor blade as number 2 in his list. With the respect I have for Con, I decided to try out this blade and I was amazed with the results. They deliver an incredibly smooth shave.

• Very sharp
• A balanced blade
• Facilitates a nice smooth shave

• Blade performance diminishes after the second shave
• Expensive
• Not as sharp as Feathers

7. Variety Pack for Double Edge Safety Razor Blades- 100 Blades

If you are new to shaving, you should try a variety pack. I wish I had done so. This double edge safety razor blades variety pack will give you a taste of the major razor blade brands in the market after which you can decide to stick with one brand. Razor blade brands included are Shark Super Chrome, SHARP stainless steel blades, 7AM Platinum, Astra Stainless and Astra Premium among others.

• A great assortment of double edge wet shavers
• High quality blades from all over the world
• Blades for sensitive skin and other skin types

• If you are an experienced shaver you do not have to buy a variety pack
• Not all brands are present but the major ones are there
• Some brands included are not that great

8. Wilkinson Sword Classic Best Safety Razor Blades

Wilkinson blades rate alongside competitors like Shark, Feathers and Astra. On Amazon, it has consistently received amazing five star ratings. I have a course beard and I get up to six shaves from one Wilkinson double edge safety razor blade. I always get better results when I use this blade in combination with a shaving brush.

Do you want incredibly close and smooth double edge shaves? Do you want designer stubble? If you desire all these then Wilkinson double edge safety razor blade is your thing. It has triple coating for added durability, less irritation and for resisting corrosion. It maintains its edge longer than stainless steel blades.

• Durable
• Less irritation
• Resists corrosion
• Incredibly smooth and close shave
• Fits all standard DE razors

• Ships only to the USA
• They do not last very long
• For the best results, you need to take your time when using these blades

The Bottom-Line

For the best balance between sharpness, comfort, consistent quality, durability and price, choose Shark best safety razor blades. Each Shark blade feels the same because of consistent quality control. If you like one Shark blade, you can be confident that you will like every single blade in the pack.

Shark double edge safety razor blades are in a class of their own. I have been wet shaving for many years and I have never seen anything like these. These blades are not as sharp as Feather blades but they have less post shave irritation and still deliver far more effective results than those of Feathers.

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