7 Highly Recommended Best Beard Comb Products

For many of us, a truly epic beard seems out of reach. However, we have realized that the best beard comb makes it easy to realize that dream beard.

You see, you can use the most expensive beard oil and even a high quality beard wax, however, if you do not use the best beard comb, all your effort is naught because your beard will be a complete mess.

For optimum beard health and growth, most of the beard experts we have talked to recommend combing your beard with a high quality beard comb, two to three times in a day. Remember, never over comb.

Excessive combing will wear down your beard roots and will eventually make the follicles to fall out. We also recommend the use of beard balm or oil, once every couple of days. Never overuse any beard maintenance product.

For months, I had been using my wife’s comb on my beard that was until I realized the dangers of using cheap combs on your beard. A cheap mass-produced comb is the worst thing to use on your precious beard because it has microscopic jagged edges due to mass production.

This will tear your beard to shreds leading to poor beard appearance. To avoid such, we have listed below 100% natural, high quality, handcrafted and hand finished best beard comb products that will give you a top appearance. The teeth of these combs are hand polished. Thus, they have zero static.

Rocky Mountain Beard Comb- Natural Organic Sandalwood Beard Comb

All beard combs are the same, right? Wrong.

Using Rocky Mountain best beard comb is like the difference between using a Bic ballpoint pen and a Mountblanc limited edition fountain pen.

Just by giving the Rocky Mountain beard comb a cursory glance, you can easily tell that it is handmade, hand finished and has perfectly polished teeth.

This is the closet you will ever get to the old school bone comb that was usually made with ultimate attention to detail.

We asked men online and offline what they consider the best beard comb of all time. We used a five-category system when asking our questions. First, we asked the general feel, of this, organic sandalwood comb.

We also inquired about its styling ability. The consensus in online and offline beard circles is that this comb has an amazing styling ability, is high functional and very durable.

Various Amazon reviewers love its smoked wooden smell, premium packaging and rock solid 100% handmade finish.

• Highly recommended on Amazon and by beard experts online and offline
• Superior construction for a smooth journey through your beard
• Rock solid premium 100% handmade finish
• Smoked wood smell
• Premium packaging
• Anti static
• Compact and easy to carry

• Perfect only for beards, might not work for your hair.
• You need to use this beard comb in combination with other products such as beard brush and beard wax.
• Does not ship to all countries but ships to North & South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and most parts of Asia, Africa, and Middle East

Best Beard Comb for Men

This beard comb will give your beard, tender loving care and we seem not to be the only people who agree with that. Just check for yourself the Amazon reviews of this comb.

Honestly, if you are working towards a full beard, you need this comb in your beard grooming kit. In addition, harness the moisturizing ability and gentle nature of beard shampoos to keep your beard well conditioned and in top shape.

• You can use it on wet, dry or oiled beards.
• Fits nicely in your hands and in your pocket
• Packaged in a fine cardboard box
• Anti- static
• Unmatched craftsmanship
• The smell of sandalwood

• Not Made in The USA but still a great comb
• Packaging has poor and humorous English translation
• The wallet of the comb can start wearing off after some months

Wild Man Tame Beard Brush and Comb Set

Do you want to smell like a woodsman? If that is the case, a tried and tested favorite is the Wild Man Tame pocket beard comb.

Do you want to inhale the brisk sandalwood smell of your Grandfathers workshop? This comb radiates with a unique sandalwood aroma.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, this aroma soothes stress and calms the mind.

If you fancy the latest beard trends, you need this product for the perfect beard game. Wild Man Tame beard grooming products will get you on top of the beard game and keep you there.

• Soothing and relaxing sandalwood aroma
• Anti static
• Light weight
• Perfect gift for anyone who has a beard or mustache
• 100% money back guarantee

• You might not love the packaging
• Beard grooming using a comb and a brush takes some time and effort
• Not everyone man loves sandalwood aroma but most men do

Urban Prince Beard Balm and Pocket Comb Set

What do you say about a beard comb appreciated by men from different lifestyles, races and countries?

You simply call it one of the best beard combs that money can buy. That is exactly what we have decided to call the Urban Prince beard comb.

It occupies a special place in our hearts because of its extraordinary construction, its pear wood aroma, its compact nature and of course its anti-static nature.

This means it has less fizz and will not damage your beard.

As the name of this product suggests, this is a specially designed comb for the urban prince- that classy man who is always on top of beard trends and always looks super cool.

• Controls, conditions and softens your beard.
• Handcrafted solid pear wood construction
• Great for all beards and hairs
• The scent will impress you

• Does not have lifetime guarantee, however, most great grooming products on Amazon do not have that guarantee
• This beard comb is not the only thing that you need for maintaining your beard.
• You have to learn how to use this product the right way.

Kent Best Beard Comb

A classy bearded man will have something to say about the latest offering from the Kent vault. Anybody who does beards should know a thing or two about Kent beard combs.

They are the gold standard when it comes to best beard combs. Kent Brushes is a company that has existed since 1777.

The artisanship of this particular comb is absolute stellar. In addition, it feels right in the hand. This comb is handmade to the highest standards.

The material used to make is high-grade English plastic polymer.

• Stellar Craftsmanship
• Handmade
• Styles your beard with ease

• Expensive but worth the cost
• Because of its small size, you can lose it easily if you do not store it in a porch
• You might not find it in the color that you wish

Zeus Natural Horn Beard Comb

A review will never fully convince you of the superiority of a comb. You have to try it to believe it and that is exactly what we did with the Zeus Natural Horn Beard Comb.

We are pleased to announce to you that this is not another cheap, plastic, mass produced comb. It is something of extreme high quality.

You will surely love the perfectly stitched and handsomely embossed top grain leather sheath. You can use the sheath for storing your comb, credit cards, and insurance card among other things.

• Made of high quality wood
• Aesthetically pleasing and highly functional leather sheath
• Perfect for all types of beards
• Good feel in the hand
• Has perfectly spaced teeth that will get every hair in place

• Does not have sufficient reviews on Amazon but we have personally used the comb and found it perfect for beard maintenance.
• You have to comb your beard 2-3 times in a day using this product. You can find that cumbersome.
• You need to use it with a beard brush for the best results.

Bear Man Beard Comb

As major beard comb snobs and close followers of the latest beard trends, we only use handmade, organic and anti-static beard combs when it comes to maintaining a healthy beard.

We are pleased to say that we find the Bear Man Beard Comb to be highly appropriate for our top standards.

We never choose mediocre and one thing that we have to say about this comb is that it is not your average comb. Consider this; Bear Man comb features the finest natural wood.

The production process involves an ancient method of physically sawing each tooth from a natural material.

These results to comb teeth that are smooth and polished therefore the comb will not damage your face in any way. Your combing experience with this product will result to excellent facial hair styling with zero static. Surely, this is the best tool for styling your beard.

• Best beard comb material
• A natural and organic comb for your beard
• The perfect gift for a bearded man
• Lifetime guarantee
• Zero static
• Simplifies beard grooming

• Specifically made for beard, do not use on hair
• A bit costly
• Small thus you have to take extra caution not to lose it.

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