Shaving Bowls

For many men, the act of shaving is a ritual, requiring attention to detail. The equipment used for shaving is important, to achieve a smooth feel and a clean look.

Using hot soap suds or hot lather, along with a warm blade, is one of the keys in achieving the smooth look.

The types of shaving accessories preferred may depend on beard styles or preferences in whether to have facial hair or not.

Shaving tools come in a variety of sizes and designs. Much of what a man uses will depend on personal preference and lifestyle.

Some need shaving accessories to use on the road. Others simply want to add a touch of style to their bathroom, with the use of attractive shaving bowls and brushes made of real hair.

It is also important to consider the other accessories, like the razor. Many men appreciate having the best safety razor available, to prevent nicks while shaving.

Below is a review of the more popular shaving products available, with a description of the features and benefits of each.

MERSUII Stainless Steel Insulated Shaving Bowl

This shaving cup comes in a sleek, attractive stainless steel finish. It is lightweight and designed for use at home or while traveling.

The insulated bowl keeps shaving soap suds or foam warm. The shaving bowl has room for a brush, but may a tight fit, for larger brushes.

It is designed for portability, so a smaller beard brush may be needed.

Uhome 2.88″ Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl

The Uhome stainless steel shaving mug is light enough for travel. Users like the fact that it will float in the sink, so the insulated feature can keep suds or foam warmer in a sink of water.

For many men, a hot shave is important in achieving the desired smoothness. Users also like the attractive finish. It is sturdy, with double wall construction.

At just under $7.50, it makes a great gift for the seasoned traveler or college student.

Buffalo Horn Hand Made 3.5″ Shave Bowl

Men who prefer natural bristle shaving brushes and soaps may prefer a Buffalo Horn shave bowl.

The product is attractively styled with a varying, natural shade of horn, which ranges from a light tan, to a dark brown.

This attractive bowl is used as a palm bowl. It is meant to be used with tube shaving paste. Many users float the bowl in hot water, then use the brush to work the paste into a lather.

Many users like the manly look f the bowl and find it makes a statement in the bathroom. It is not large enough to hold shaving soap.

However, users recommend getting the soap on the brush, than using water to work it into a lather in the bowl.

Edward Jagger Chrome Plated Shaving Bowl

This elegant shaving bowl is designed for those who want something contemporary, yet elegant in the shaving kit. It is also on the smaller size, designed for home and travel use.

The authentic label stamped on the bowl and the chrome finish are desirable to men who want a more elegant look. Priced at just under $15, it is a great value.

The Edward Jagger chrome shaving bowl makes a great gift for graduations, birthdays, or other special occasions. The smaller size makes this bowl portable, for those who want a smooth shave while traveling.

Colonel Conk Model 111 Santa Fe Shave Cup with Soap

Men who prefer natural bowls and brushes, with an artisan feel, will appreciate the Colonel Conk Sante Fe shave brush. This bowl is hand crafted in Mexico and is attractively styled.

The color will range from white or light gray, to brown or dark burgundy. The varying shades give the bowl a natural look. The high gloss finish protects the bowl and allows for better mixing of soap and water, for more suds.

Many users like how easy the bowl is to hold. It also looks good in the bathroom, on a counter made of natural stone, like marble or granite.

It comes with Colonel Conk’s natural glycerine shave soap and makes an excellent gift, for a young man heading off to college or for any occasion.

Priced at just under $25, it is a great value, when the artistic features are considered.

Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl with Lid by Shaving Toolz

While still somewhat portable, this shaving bowl will hold all types of shaving soaps. It is attractively finished in stainless steel, making it easy to clean.

It comes with a detached lid, which is designed to keep the lather warm. Users say the lid fits perfectly and the workmanship of the product is top notch.

The top edges are rolled, to eliminate the sharpness that could cause scrapes, while using a shaving brush. This product is lightweight, making it possible to take on the road.

Travelers recommend using a rubber band or something stronger to keep the lid with the bowl, during flights. Men comment on how well their shaving soaps fit and how easy it is to achieve the desired lather.

It is also reasonably priced, at under $25. Both the lid and bowl and said to be easy to keep clean.

Edwin Jagger Ivory Porcelain Shaving Soap Bowl with Handle

This is a great shaving mug, for men who want a designer label with a natural look. It comes in an ivory porcelain finish. It looks like a mug, but with a handle.

The mug also displays the stamped Edwin Jagger Logo. Many men like this product, as it is not as deep as some shaving mugs, making it easier to achieve plenty of lather.

It is designed for home use, as porcelain doesn’t travel well. It makes an excellent birthday, graduation, or anniversary gift, for those who want a classic look in shaving accessories.

Priced at under $30, the mug is a great value for anyone looking to give a more personal gift.

Genuine Mango Wood Shaving Soap Bowl

This shaving bowl, by Parker Safety Razor, comes in an attractive wood finish of dark brown. It is both sleek and natural looking.

The bowl is hand carved and comes in a brown, high gloss finish. It is also made of sustainable mango wood. It makes a great shaving bowl for men who are environmentally conscious. Mango is also known for its durability, so men shouldn’t fear using the bowl.

It is wide enough for most shaving soaps and just deep enough to get a good lather. It also comes with a matching, unattached lid.

This product is a great value at just under $17.
Men who prefer a classic look will like this shaving bowl.

There are many shaving accessories on the market today. If a shaving bowl or safety razor is being given as a gift, be sure to consider the individual who will be using it and his preferred style.

For men who travel frequently, a smaller, lighter weight shaving bowl may be best. For men who want a natural bowl, consider bone, porcelain, or wood shaving bowls and mugs.

The products range in price, from around $8 to $30, so nearly anyone looking for shaving accessories can find something to fit the budget.

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