RazoRock The Stallion Italian Shaving Soap Review

Previously, we have discussed the XXX soap from Razorock. Italian Barber sells many artisan soaps which means that there are greater variety in formulation than, say, D.R. Harris. That being the case, it is worth trying each of its unique soaps. Today we’ll take a look at The Stallion.



The most distinctive quality of this soap is its amazing scent. The soap maker was inspired to develop the scent based on Acqua di Parma Colonia Oud. I can’t comment on how close to that scent Stallion is, as the cologne is extremely expensive. The creator named the soap after a wet shaving youtuber Anthony Esposito aka. “The Stallion” who introduced him to oud scents. This stuff smells marvelous! Its woody and musky scent is distinctly masculine. The scent is very pronounced and you will be enjoying the smell throughout your shave. The scent is so powerful that it lingers even after the soap is washed off. Some shavers use unscented aftershave so the scent of the soap substitutes in for aftershave scent.

The Lather

The soap loads easily, like all “italian style” soft soaps. The lather builds quickly and easily, though it doesn’t explode as abundantly as XXX. This soap is less thirsty than the XXX as well and lathered so quickly I got two warm lathers instead of the typical one. The resulting lather was very slick and had just a little bit of cushion. Like any good shaving soap, the lather lasted throughout all three passes. It was wonderful to continually smell its warm, musky scent throughout my shave.

The Shave

Stallion is pretty slick. There is also a bit of protective cushion that allows for a small margin of error without flaying your face. This isn’t the slickest or most cushiony soap ever, but it has a nice balance of those two qualities, making for a comfortable, nick-free shave. The water sweet spot is also fairly broad; the soap started nice and hydrated and maintained a good consistency throughout all three passes – despite the additional water added with each pass. Though my routine typically involves two passes (WTG and ATG) I added an XTG pass in between just to prolong the experience. This stuff was great. The lather rinsed easily and cleanly from my face and brush post-shave.


Though there are other soaps out there that perform better than The Stallion, this soap is a strong contender for a place in even the most discerning shaver’s rotation. Its greatest strength is in ease and speed of lather. The Stallion is excellent for those mornings when time is limited but you still want a quality, enjoyable shave. The scent is certainly to die for and is a bargain at $11 US from Amazon.com or you can buy it directly from Italian Barber for about the same price. This soap is on my short list of must haves. Amazing.

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  1. Ian

    I enjoyed reading this review. You can pick the ones who have purchased and used the product and given their HONEST opinion – and this is one of them. I’m not sure if the guy in the youtube video has anything to do with this article but his knowledge of the soaps promoted is impeccable.. Love how he is clear and concise in his review but just charismatically (..is that how u spell it?) rambles on like he doesnt have a care in the world. Well done, Sir.

    • LT

      Hi Ian, thanks for the kind words. A friend of mine picked up a tub of this RazoRock product on his way back from LA. I’ve only had time to use it once and both times it has impressed me especially with it’s scent and texture upon application. Would like to get my hands on a few other RazoRock products in the near future to review for this site. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter for any future updates. LT


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