Razorock Plissoft Monster Synthetic Shaving Brush

“You can’t get a decent wet shaving experience without a badger hair brush.”

Many of us have heard this repeated over and over by veteran wet shavers everywhere.

But is it true? Many will confirm that it is, indeed, true.

To many of us budget-minded shavers this is a horrific revelation; a decent brush will cost you more than your first razor and a top-quality brush will cost hundreds!

Perhaps you followed this sage advice and got a badger brush, like me.

Synthetic brushes are buried in some fairly scathing criticism such as: “they have no backbone,” or “they aren’t good at holding water and heat.”

Have you ever wondered if those things are actually true?

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Deal Or Dud?

The Plisson synthetic started a sort of revolution in the traditional shaving community and many refer to them as “the brush of the gods.” Yet many of these brushes are still floppy and lack backbone.

Great strides have been made in synthetic technology and brush design since. A relative newcomer, Italian Barber sells a range of brushes made with the same fibers as the Plisson at a fraction of the cost. These wonders are called Plissoft.

Today we will focus on the aptly named Monster brush in the Plissoft lineup. This beast is jam-packed with the softest synthetic hairs imaginable.

The high density of its massive 26 mm knot combined with the depth of the knot placement, and whatever other magic they employ, delivers decent backbone.

This beast easily chews through my triple-milled soaps and is stiff enough to work the lather into my whiskers.

The $40 US badger I own is very scritchy and the knot is sparse. The scritchiness really irritates my sensitive skin when lathering and shaving daily.

I found the badger brush (a Simpson pure badger, if anyone is wondering) a challenge to lather with and the brush itself shed quite a bit.

The Monster, on the other hand, is a lather machine and the bristles are soft without being floppy and it hasn’t shed a single hair.

I ordered mine for around $12 US + shipping and I haven’t even thought about using my much more expensive badger brush since.

Do they hold water? Why, yessir, they do indeed! The Monster holds enough water to get a really good lather started.

If you’re like me you always start with a dry(ish) brush and add water gradually as needed.

The Monster will not leave you wishing for more water retention.

The best part? You don’t have to soak it! Just wet and go!

The only negative I can confirm is that these brushes don’t hold heat very well, but the difference is almost negligible.

At the time of writing this review, there are over 77 customer reviews on Amazon, with the majority being positive – click here to read them

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  • Don’t hold heat very well


I recommend checking out the entire Plissoft line here and grab yourself a Monster, or any other brush from the line and decide for yourself whether this brush is a good deal.

(Hint: it is!) Give in to the Synthetic Side; it is the only way you can save your budget. Join me!

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