Proraso Aftershave Toning Lotion Review

Remember that movie where the adorable little scamp, left home alone on the holidays, uses his father’s razor, then his aftershave? His reaction is hilarious – and close to home for many.

Unsurprisingly scraping razor-sharp steel across your face daily causes some skin damage. To soothe and disinfect our ravaged epidermis we apply aftershave.

Most widely available aftershaves are alcohol-based which means that after abusing our face we then set it on fire!

Traditional wet shaving reduces this burn considerably once proper technique is mastered.

In the mean time irritation may actually increase, stoking the face-fire into a towering inferno. Those who start wet shaving to reduce discomfort should start with an alcohol-free aftershave, especially at first.

Fortunately we have the internet; there are so many options that finding a good alcohol-free aftershave is child’s play.

Proraso After Shave Lotion, Refreshing and Toning, 3.4 Fl Oz

Proraso has a strong reputation and for good reason. Their “aftershave toning lotion” was my first non-alcoholic aftershave and is definitely worth your consideration.

Is it for you? Read on and judge for yourself!


Since this aftershave contains cooling agents like menthol and eucalyptus, those smells dominate the scent which is clean, pleasant, and mild. The scent blends well with colognes as it is mild and neutral.

The scent lingers for about an hour, maybe two. Though anyone who gets close enough will smell it for the whole day.

Skin Feel

Proraso “Green,” as it is often called, is witch hazel based, which is prized for it’s mild toning and soothing properties. It also contains menthol and eucalyptus oils which are both invigorating and soothing.

Though there will be a little burn initially that sensation is quickly supplanted by a refreshing cooling sensation. This is perfect after a warm shave that has likely left your skin a bit irritated. “Green” dries down, leaving a nice protective coating on your skin to lock in moisture.

It leaves your skin feeling toned and clean all day. Also, unlike alcohol based aftershave, it doesn’t dry your skin out.


If you have ever looked at aftershaves online, you know that the prices can be exorbitant. Not so here! On for $14 US for 3.5 oz.

Though, compared to products like Aqua Velva, this seems expensive, the quality for the price is amazing. Many quality aftershaves sell for upwards of $40 US.

Considering this is an import product, the price is even more impressive.


The cooling sensation, invigorating scent, and excellent protective qualities make this a must-try for anyone looking for a quality aftershave at a decent price.

Find out for yourself why this aftershave is so highly regarded by wet shavers everywhere!