Mantic59 and Review

Long ago, fathers would instruct their young male progeny in the art of shaving. This education included one-on-one lessons on everything from preparing the beard, lathering, shaving, and post-shave. Most of us have never experienced anything like this. Is it really any wonder? Most of us were raised in households with either cartridge or electric razors being the method of choice. Most modern fathers have viewed this type of shaving as so simple as to need no real instruction.

Though it is true that cartridge and electric shaving require very little skill or technique, a comfortable shave depends on certain variables and can be vastly improved by applying a few basic principles. The baby seems to have been thrown out with the proverbial bathwater here. Instead of a pared down shaving education, we got our first razor, some canned goop, and well-wishes. So where can we go to fill the holes in our education and improve our shave?

One can peruse the shaving forums out there and find plenty of information, tips, and tricks. This piecemeal approach can yield you rich rewards and help you improve your shave. There is a better, faster way, though. A gentleman named Mark, known widely as Mantic59, or the Sharpologist, has compiled some useful resources to help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to get the perfect shave.

Mantic59 has been around for a while and his youtube channel<> is a goldmine of educational videos. I recommend the first thing a person serious about wet shaving do is look through the 9 video series Introduction to Traditional Wet Shaving. It covers all the basics and will provide you with a solid foundation for your first shave. There are also a plethora of reviews on all sort of shaving gear, including the Cheapest Shave Possible Onlineand Brick & Mortar editions which can get the budget-minded beginner in the door for cheap. The videos are of excellent quality and informative. Also, unlike some youtubers, he has a pleasant voice and a friendly personality (no obnoxious cockiness here) that doesn’t grate on your nerves.

Mantic59 also has an excellent blog: Upon arriving you can (and should) click the ebook link and get your own copy of this handy manual. This book compliments and augments the video series mentioned above very well. Combined these are equivalent to a professional training course. The blog itself is full of product reviews and other shaving related topics. For the beginner considering purchasing a kit of good quality, well-respected products I recommend the articles What Is the Best DE Razor What Is the Best Shaving Soap? , What Is the Best Shaving Cream For You?, and What Is the Best Shaving Brush? All these articles can be found toward the bottom of the home page in the “Showcase” section.

I was not fortunate enough to have found Mantic59 when I began wet shaving, but I sure learned a lot quickly once I did. Sharpologist, more than any other source, has contributed to my shaving enjoyment and technique improvement. Anyone interested to elevating their shave should spend some time learning the art from my man, Mark.