Kamisori Straight Razor Reviewed

There are many options when it comes to men’s razors. As with many other things in life, some razors may be for your, and others may not be. The important thing is that you know what options are available to you in getting the shave that you want and one that gives you confidence.

“Kamisori by Tokusen (from Watanabe)” by Matus Kalisky is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

The Kamisori razor, or Japanese straight razor is not for everyone. It is a one blade razor and takes more skill than just knowing how to use shaving soap.

However, it does offer a unique shave, rich tradition, and quality craftsmanship. Some men prefer it and some men can’t stand it. Read on to find out if the Kamisori might be for you.

Why the Kamisori Razor?

The Japanese straight razor comes with both Western and Eastern tradition. Many savvy men swear by this razor for its superior performance, including a close shave extol. This razor is crafted with the highest quality materials.

Surprisingly, it is more economical than many disposable razors. Many men prefer the Kamisori razor for its ability to give them a top-notch carved and elegant shave. Other men swear by the experience that this Japanese razor gives them when shaving.

If you have recently received a service at a barber shop, you may have noticed that many barbers and hair dressers still use and prefer straight razors.

This is because straight razors work well on various types of hair. Beard carving and creating lines are easier to achieve with a straight razor…

The History of the Kamisori

It is believed that the Japanese straight razor was invented around the year 1200 A.D. Buddhist monks are believed to have brought these razors from Korea to Japan to shave their heads as a symbol of their Buddhist faith.

In the 12th century, the Samurai helped them gain popularity by preferring clean shaves over the traditional beard of the Japanese.

Post World War II, the demand for the Kamisori increased, as thousands of soldiers had seen this Japanese straight razor in action during the war. This caused a worldwide popularity for the Japanese straight razor.

Even with heavy Western influence on Japan post World War II, the Kamisori stood the test of the culture immersion and time and has remained the top choice of men in Japan and men all over the world who have seen the magic they can do.

Kamisori Benefits

So, why was this Japanese straight razor so popular world-wide? The short answer is that there are many appreciable benefits of the Kamisori. With a little training ono how to use a razor without a handle, you could be head over heels in love with this straight razor.

Many men agree that the closeness of this razor cannot be beat by any other razor. Though shaving with a Kamisori can take a little more time, the perfect shave is well worth it.

Tips for Shaving with the Kamisori

Though using this razor does not take expert skill to master, it does take some time and concentration. When you first receive your razor, practice will be important. It does take some time and skill to master the Kamisori shave.

Expert hands at the Kamisori recommend practicing with this razor when you have a little more time and do not have to be at work or a social function soon.

Kamisori Craftsmanship

The Kamisori is unique in that it as is ground on two sides, whereas American and Western razors are generally ground on one side. However, there is unequal grind so that there is one blade, unlike Western razors that are traditionally two bladed. An exceptional shave is provided by the Kamisori due to its one of a kind angled design.

Kamisori Quality

You can trust most any brand of Japanese straight razor, especially the Feather and the Iwasaki. These razors are crafted with quality materials and receive the utmost in care. Your Japanese straight razor should last you a lifetime.

Experience of the Japanese Straight Razor

Beyond giving a close and crafted shave, many men are devoted to this razor for deeper reasons. They like using a razor with a rich history behind it or have confidence in its careful design.

Other men appreciate the Kamisori’s demand for a quiet body and mind to achieve the perfect shave with it. Though shaving with a Japanese straight razor is more challenging, it can also be a meditative experience for many men.

Some men enjoy feeling manly by shaving with this prestigious straight razor.

Clint Eastwood and Humphrey Bogart have also had a hand in bringing rise to straight razors and their manly affiliations.

More Bang for Your Buck

As if all of this were not enough, the Kamisori adds value to your shaving dollars. Disposable razors are expensive and that cost adds up over the course of a year, and an entire lifetime.

One Japanese straight razor and replacement blades for a lifetime are much easier on your pocketbook, with the addition of the aforementioned benefits.

Kamisori Options

The Feather and Iwasaka brands of Japanese straight razors repeatedly receive consistently positive reviews and are known as the best straight razor brands. Within these two brands are the following Kamisori’s:

Feather SS Straight Razor

This razor is exported from Japan. It is known for its ergonomic water resistant handle. It has been called the most innovative razor in the world. The blade for the SS can be replaced at the rate of about $1 per blade or less.

Feather DX Folding Razor

Among the best straight razor brands is the Feather DX. This razor folds for convenient storage and travel and is popular for its sharp blade.

The Iwasaki Kamisori

This razor is known as the only true Kamisori razor. The Iwasaki is the master of straight razors and was crafted by a scholar in the art of Japanese sword and razor making. It is made of hand-forged steel used in making Japanese swords.

If you don’t mind practicing the art of shaving with a straight razor and enjoy a close shave, the Kamisori may just be the razor for you.

For the perfect shaving mug, only the Kamisori will deliver. Grab your best shaving cream and work up your best shaving lather and spend some time finding out if a Japanese straight razor is for you.