Gentleman Jon Wet Shave Kit Review

Almost all shaving products for men have the same basic mechanism, but not all shaving kits suit various facial hair profiles.

Beards or any other form of body hair can be shaved wet or dry. Generally, most shaving kits cannot do both – they specialize in one of the two.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave Kit , and find out if it’s worth your hard-earned money.

Intro to Wet Shaving

If you’ve never indulged in wet shaving, let us give you a brief introduction to the same. Wet shaving entails a safety razor, shaving soap, shaving brush, and some other pre shave products. This shaving format is fairly traditional, something that our grandfathers resorted to.

Attempting wet shaving could be intimidating at first. However, once you get used to the process, you’d realize how simple and straightforward the entire routine is.

There are different types of wet shaving razors and making a good distinction between them needs some good knowledge.

If you are starting out, it’s better to go for an all-in-one kit. This is because there are certain essentials to wet shaving, in terms of equipment, and a newbie will have a tough time assembling them all individually from different sources.

Also, people who have tried cartridge shaving and are looking for other shaving options can try wet shaving.

Product Overview

The Gentleman Jon wet shave kit is a complete wet shaving solution for men.

The set comprises a safety razor, alum block, badger hair brush, shave soap, shave bowl (stainless steel), and Astra razor blades.

All the items are packed in snug into the kit, and no amount of jostling and external force would make them shift base.

The razor handle is a single piece, with the head separable into a couple of pieces. The handle comes with female threads and the head having male threads, which screw into the razor handle.

There are five blades in the kit and the included blades are sensitive but still not extremely sharp – these are typically beginner-level blades that are sufficiently sharp for getting the job done.

A List of the Positives

• The whole kit is nicely put together and the items are well made. For the price, the entire set looks fairly stylish and expensive. And the heft of the individual items makes you feel you’re holding on to something premium.

• The razor has a nice weight to it. It’s top-heavy, but still nowhere close to the heft most other popular razors carry. The razor head has an elegant finish, with zero uneven ridges. Also, the handle is long enough for a comfortable grip.

• The bundled-in soap is quite mild or not chemically harsh and it has a good smell as well. Also, it leaves a smooth base for a comfortable shave.

• The alum block does a great job at closing pores, stopping weepers, and cooling the face. It’s potassium alum and not ammonium alum, which means it’s natural and doesn’t sting too bad.

• Compared to other similar razor kits, the Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave Kit is fairly inexpensive. Having said that, the price tag may still not satisfy some people, and for such individuals, this kit would seem like one expensive product.

A List of the Negatives

• The razor is quite sensitive, which is a good thing for people who’ve been shaving for years. But if you’re a newbie and do not understand the nuances of handling different razors, you may be in trouble. In other words, let the razor glide over the spots. Do not apply excessive pressure lest you don’t want a bloody cut.

• The packaged shave soap has a dedicated spot for itself in the kit. However, once opened, it cannot be moved back to the kit and you’ll have to look for alternative storage areas.

• The shaving bowl is elegant and looks premium. However, it can easily get slick or slippery when wet.


For people who’ve never done wet shaving, this kit would be a nice start. However, those who have been wet shaving for quite some time may find this product a bit underwhelming – that of course depends on what one’s expectations are from the product.

The expensive look and feel of the razor kit also makes the kit a great gift idea.

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