Edwin Jagger DE89 Review

Edwin Jagger has been making grooming products for men since 1988. The company offers a wide variety of razors, shaving soap, brushes, etc. Why should you care about Edwin Jagger? They manufacture one of the most highly esteemed entry-level modern double-edged razors available: the DE89.

What makes the DE89 such a good razor? The following review discusses both the positive and negative qualities of this razor.

The Good:

To start, this razor is gorgeous! The entire three piece assembly is chrome plated. The one I received is flawlessly chromed. Aside from it’s chroming the design is elegant. The model I have is the DE89L and it has a lined design on the handle. Despite its shininess and lack of knurling on the handle, I have never had issues with the handle becoming slippery.

The weight of the razor is above average and is top-heavy. To most, including myself, this top-heaviness is desirable. When held lightly in your fingers the razor naturally rests comfortably against your skin and will discourage use of excess pressure on the blade while shaving.

The blade gap is mild, though a little more aggressive than some other modern mild razors. Blade exposure is fairly high but somehow you rarely, if ever, feel the blade edge against your skin. The head itself is designed well. The low profile cap facilitates proper blade angle when combined with the wide, tapering comb for a comfortable and intuitive shave. This razor also provides adequate audible feedback when cutting through your stubble. The head design coupled with this feedback will help you gauge technique and you will quickly find improvement in the efficiency of each pass.

The Bad:

Most moderately priced modern razors have one minor weakness: inferior materials. The De89is no exception. The cap and comb of the DE89 are made from an alloy of zinc called Zamak. The resulting issues can be minimized if proper care is taken of your razor before, during, and after the shave.

Zamak is not a very strong metal and the threads on the caps are prone to breaking when dropped. Zamak also corrodes quickly and easily if exposed to water and air so integrity of its plating is vital. Check for any flaws in the cap’s chroming first thing upon delivery and return it if you find one. Also, avoid over-tightening the head to avoid damaging the finish. Thoroughly dry all parts of the razor and allow it to air dry after shaving for a few hours disassembled. If your razor cap breaks Edwin Jagger may replace it and, failing that, the caps are interchangeable with another popular brand and replacements are inexpensive and available here for about $10.

The Summary:

The DE89 is a great starter razor functionally. You’ll get close, mild shaves from this razor. The razor is a decent buy at around $30. As far as the Zamak issue is concerned, it’s unavoidable in modern razors at this price point.