D.R. Harris Windsor Shaving Soap Review

D.R.Harris & Co Windsor Shaving Cream Tub 150g

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Few things affect the comfort of a traditional wet shave like shaving soap. Enter D.R. Harris: Chemists to Her Majesty the Queen of England since 1938.

One would expect the soaps produced by such a company to be of the highest quality. Does DR Harris deliver?


For this review I’d like to start out with the characteristic of this soap most criticized: its scent. Though the scent is distinctly masculine and refined, many complain it is too weak.

Not only do I disagree, I believe it is subtle by design. I will not describe the actual scent profile, you can read that here but I will describe the experience.

When you cover the soap with warm water you’ll get a pleasant waft of its marvelous scent.

If you leave that water to bloom the soap while you shower the entire area around your sink will be perfumed with its spicy aroma when you come back to shave.

The wonderful scent will again be refreshed as you load your brush. When applied to your face the scent will be subtle enough that you may not notice it as you lather and shave.

If the scent were any stronger I believe it would be overpowering to the senses, akin to someone spritzing cologne repeatedly just before you entered the bathroom.

This subtlety is part of what makes this scent a refined one. But, that’s just my opinion.

The Shave

As a triple milled soap, D.R. Harris takes a little bit more work to both load and lather.

If done with appropriate technique and sufficient patience you will be rewarded with ample, dense, extremely slick lather with cushion unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Your razor will glide almost effortlessly over your face – so much so you may wonder if you are shaving at all! Like any soap, it will take some tweaking to perfect the lathering technique.

Anyone having difficulties should check out some videos on how to lather Mitchell’s Wool Fat soap for helpful tips.

When you finish shaving the lather washes off easily and cleanly. Also, because it is tallow based, it leaves your skin feeling both soft and hydrated.


Value-wise DR Harris really shines. A puck of Windsor can be purchased from Amazon.com for $12-$15 US, and can be purchased in a reusable solid wood shaving bowl for around $25 US.

This may sound expensive, but a 100g puck of this soap will last you through daily three-pass shaves for around 6 months.

The cost works out to be less or equal to a can a month of decent store-bought shave gel but provides far superior results.

From beginning to end D.R. Harris Windsor provides a top-shelf luxury shaving experience that is well worth the money.

I recommend anyone, no matter their shaving experience level, add this soap to your rotation.

Of the top-tier soaps out there, this is about to the most affordable option. D.R. Harris is the best soap I have ever personally used.