Cremo Original Shave Cream Review – Brick & Mortar’s Finest! Some Say

Always on the lookout for brick-and-mortar options for my shave led to the purchase of Cremo Original Shave Cream. The packaging claims that it is Cremo Original Shaving Cream post“impossibly slick” when mixed with water.

Additionally, it seemed uniquely suited as a potential travel option as it doesn’t require use of a shaving brush. Read on to see how it performed

The Scent

A “subtle citrus” is not precisely how I would describe the scent, though that is how the company describes it.

The scent most closely resembled orange soda. The scent was fairly strong and stayed with you throughout the shave.

I found it to be unpleasant when compared to the high quality scents of most quality shaving soaps. Compared to canned goo, it was wonderful.

To Brush or Not To Brush

Cremo is marketed as brushless shaving cream.

Many traditional shavers love the ritual of building a rich lather with their soap and brush.

Cremo can be applied without such accouterments. The directions instruct you to work it in to your wet beard with your fingers. I love my brush so much that I tried both brushless and brush methods.

When used brushless the application causes a few bubbles to be built, though they quickly dissipate. The shave was passable.

It was sort of neat to see the whiskers removed in contrast to the remaining whiskers. It was plenty slick.

The experience was lackluster due to the gummy nature of the cream coupled with the unsettling mats of stubble floating around in the rinse water. The shave was comfortable, but any soap would have been better.

Used with a brush it built a light, sparse lather.

Be careful, though, of adding too much water as you’ll end up with a bubbly mess rather quickly.

The best method turned out to be wetting the brush, squeezing and shaking the excess water and lathering directly to a wet beard area. The gummy characteristic of the brushless application disappeared.

Though foamy, the cream was plenty slick. Overall the experience was superior to the brushless method.

Most products have their redeeming qualities, but it is hard for me to say much good about this product.

As a shaving cream this isn’t a great option. I bought my tube at Wal-Mart for about $7 US and there are better shave products available there for less money. Cremo shines, though, as a preshave.

Applied to the beard beneath a decent soap is when Cremo really shines. The slickness is top notch and enhances the slickness of the soap.

I tested it out with my RazoRock XXX which is lacking a bit in the slickness department and it worked quite well.

Astonishingly Superior?

I don’t find this cream to be anything to write home about. My entire experience was underwhelming.

It does work well as a pre-shave, though IMHO preshave is generally unnecessary. It does have its merits as a travel supply, especially if you don’t want to cart your brush around.

Its inexpensive and widely available at big-box stores and online at Amazon. Of course, YMMV, perhaps you’ll agree with me, perhaps not.

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