Circle Beard: The Beard Style For 2017 That Ladies Will Surely Love

(Last Updated On: 29/09/2017)

Women love beards just as men love boobs. After all, it is only a man who can grow a circle beard. For men, the question is size. Some men like small boobs while others big ones.

For women the question is beard style. Sure, you can find women who like full and wild beards.

However, the many I have spoken to seem to like the sharp, sophisticated and manly appearance created by the likes of the circle beard style and the van dyke style.

Not only women love this beard style. Millions of men all over the world, from professionals to celebrities, love it and they adorn it.

Just look at Hollywood and the American music industry for examples on what it means to look cool with a circle beard.

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The likes of Brad Pitt, Leonardo Di Caprio, Johnny Depp and Kanye West have embraced this shaving style.

Great and highly accomplished men have a circle beard. It is a statement of power and the ultimate sign of masculinity.

What is a circle beard? You might ask. As the name suggests, this beard style forms a circle that connects the moustache with the goatee.

The #1 Beard Style For 2017

A Circle beard is one of those beard styles that easily finds its way to our list of the best beard styles for 2017. This style brings focus to your mustache and chin. It is a perfect alternative for dark stubble for people whose beards grow fast.

Getting the perfect circle beard first involves growing your beard for a few days after which you start working on creating the circle shape.

There is some beard grooming you will need to do on a regular basis if you choose to grow a circle beard. Thus, this style is not for you if you cannot handle regular beard grooming.

Sharp, Crisp, Clean & Sophisticated Look

Your beard says a lot about you. It is an integral part of your style. Thus, you had better have a beard style that projects you in good light.

You will never go wrong with a circle beard as far as creating a sophisticated appearance is concerned. This style also helps you to look professional.

This is something for the modern man who appreciates a clean, neat and tidy bearded appearance.

I Like to Call a Circle Beard a Unique Beard Style for Extraordinary Men

A Circle beard is a sharp style that will elegantly define your chin and upper lip. The uniqueness of this style will make you stand out.

This beard style is manly in all respects. It will give you a fine gentleman appearance that women will fall in love with.

Are You A Goatee Fan?

If that is the case, you will appreciate a circle beard style. The traditional goatee is no longer the thing. However, in its place is something classier with a sophisticated touch. It is hard to deny the elegance of a circle beard.

If you are a goatee fan, you will want to know more about circle beards vs goatee or even a circle beard vs van dyke. Actually, all these styles are related but there are subtle differences.

• Whether it is van dyke, goatee or a circle beard, there is the element of goatee. The difference between these styles lies on what accompanies the goatee and the styling.

• A goatee only has hair on the chin while a circle beard also has a moustache connected to the goatee in a circular manner.
• For the circle beard, mustache and goatee are connected. For van dyke style, they are not connected.

History of Circle Beards

The history of circle beards goes back in time. Actually, the genesis of this style is the goatee.

The goatee beard style started in Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. It was very popular in the 19th century where it featured greatly during the Bohemian Cultural Revolution.

It was also popular during the American Civil war.

Abraham Lincoln had a goatee.

In the 20th and 21st century, the traditional goatee became less popular as modern goatee styles such as van dyke and the circle beard style took center stage.

Variations of A Circle Beard

A Circle beard comes in a number of variants. First, there is the full circle beard. The differences lie in how you style the goatee and the moustache. Another point of differentiation is the length and width of the beard.

1. Lighter Circle Beard

Not everyone loves a full beard. You can have a circle beard with a lighter chin goatee, a lighter mustache and a soul patch below the lower lip.

2. Fuller Circle Beard

Alternatively, you can make things fuller from the goatee to the mustache. To have a fuller circle beard, you will have to grow a full chin goatee and a strong mustache to connect the goatee on both sides like this guy.

3. Circle Beard With a Connected Soul Patch and a Disconnected Moustache

Yes, you can disconnect the moustache from the goatee and connect the soul patch to the goatee. This is more like the van dyke style.

4. Circle Beard With Lower Chin Goatee & Soul Patch

Yes, you can decide to leave the lower chin goatee or shave it off. For this case, you leave a lower chin goatee. You also leave a soul patch. A pencil moustache connects chin hair on both sides.

Ask Yourself This Question Before You Grow A Circle Beard

The single most important question you need to ask yourself is, will a circle beard work for me?

Yes, there are people who tend to pull off most beard and mustache styles. However, most of us can only work with a limited number of beard styles.

If you have a round face, a circle beard is best for you. I understand the challenges of having a round face because I have one. However, I have found that a circle beard along with other goatee variations works perfectly for my round face.

How To Successfully Pull Off A Circle Beard Style

Do you think it is hard to pull off this style? In fact, this is one of the easiest beard styles to pull off.

1. Growing Your Beard

Primarily, like any beard style, you have to start with growing a beard before you trim the beard to form circle beard. Therefore, you will need all the tips you can get about growing a beard.

If you have problems growing a beard, you will need to take beard supplements. It will also be good you find out about beard oil vs beard balm and how you can use these two products to facilitate optimum beard growth.

It will take a few days to grow your beard to a reasonable height for creating circle beard.

2. Trimming Beard to Create A Circle Beard

After you grow your beard, you will need to trim it to create the optimum, circle beard length.

First, clean shave the cheeks and the jaw line.

Secondly, you can clean shave the lower chin area or trim it, depending on the type of circle beard that you wish to have.

Thirdly, trim your moustache and goatee to the desired lengths. Shape them to form a circle.

3. Daily Maintenance of a Circle Beard

This will involve daily cleaning using the right soap. After cleaning, you can apply beard oil.

4. Finally, Wear Your Beard with Pride

You should be proud of having a circle beard. This completes your masculinity.

Points to Take into Consideration

1. Use the right beard trimmer.
2. Use the right shaving cream.
3. Have a professional to do the first outline.
4. Clean shave the jaw lines.
5. Keep the side burns short and trimmed.

A Circle Beard Rocks – Millions Love Their Circle Beards

There is a reason why millions of men, choose a circle beard. If there is one beard style that transcends culture, race, religion, social class and even economic status then it is a circle beard. This style looks cool on any skin color and even with any hairstyle, so long as you have the right facial shape.

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  1. Vlad Ducoznik

    hey L,
    a well displayed article – plenty of imagery. i was a fan of the circle beard many many years ago but the interest of that style of beard just faded on me, and i just like to grow it wild these days.. to the point now where i use beard shampoo and conditioner to care of any wildness or stray hairs..Just curious – do u use stocks images? if so, can u give the name/s of the site/s that you use as i am keen to start my own similar blog soon and would like to add some good images.. would appreciate a reply when ur free,, much appreciated

    • LT

      Hey Vlad, thanks for the comment. I go thru stages with my facial hair growth; sometimes i will grow it wild and then sometimes i want to be fully shaved. As for the images; yes they are stock images. i use Stock Adobe for 98%of the images that you see on site. Cheers!


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