Edwin Jagger DE89 Review

Edwin Jagger has been making grooming products for men since 1988. The company offers a wide variety of razors, shaving soap, brushes, etc. Why should you care about Edwin Jagger? They manufacture one of the most highly esteemed entry-level modern double-edged razors available: the DE89. What makes the DE89 such a good razor? The following … Continue reading

Which Type of Razor is best: DE or Straight?

The easy answer? Whatever works best for you. Unfortunately the easy answer is also practically meaningless if you’ve never tried either razor. Both options are capable of giving you the close, comfortable shave you’ve always dreamed of. There are a few things to consider when deciding which method is right for you. Maintenance is the … Continue reading

Top 10 Wet Shaving Tips for Beginners

If you are new to wet shaving, you have learned that some skill is required. Here are ten wet shaving tips to improve your shave today! “What is wet shaving,” you ask? Check out this article for a definition and some tips on choosing your first razor. Once you have perused that article and are … Continue reading

Guide To The Best Old Fashioned Razor 2019

Looking to improve the quality of your shave? Have you decided to try wet shaving, but aren’t quite sure what razor to buy? If you have never heard of it, wet shaving is shaving using traditional shaving tools, namely a straight or double-edge razor, shaving soap, a shaving brush, and warm water. Many men have … Continue reading