Top 6 Best Pomades for Thick Hair – 2019 Reviews

Gotta Rush? The 3 Best Pomades 2019 Best Overall: Best for Unkempt hair: Best for short hair: Choosing the best pomade for your thick hair is necessary if you desire your hair’s natural look. Unlike hair sprays and gels, pomades do not make or leave your hair crunchy. They are great at softening and improving … Continue reading

Modern Williams Mug Shaving Soap Review – Amazing Bargain or Cheap Garbage?

Williams Mug has a checkered reputation; many wet shavers absolutely love this soap while others hate it. Why so controversial? There are a few common complaints by detractors out there. Let’s evaluate those complaints and see if there’s any merit to them. “It Smells Like a Urinal Cake.” Those who like it describe it as … Continue reading

Proraso Aftershave Toning Lotion Review

Remember that movie where the adorable little scamp, left home alone on the holidays, uses his father’s razor, then his aftershave? His reaction is hilarious – and close to home for many. Unsurprisingly scraping razor-sharp steel across your face daily causes some skin damage. To soothe and disinfect our ravaged epidermis we apply aftershave. Most … Continue reading

Pre-Shave Oil Alternatives

When you begin thinking about wet shaving you come to realize just how much room for customization there is. If you are just starting out or if you are getting a lot of nicks and irritation you are probably wondering if a pre-shave oil might be the solution. Browsing through the options you quickly realize … Continue reading