Honest Amish Beard Balm Reviewed

About Honest Amish The Honest Amish Company is located in Western, Pennsylvania. All of their products are made with original recipes, without the use of synthetic chemicals, preservatives, fragrances or petroleum by-products. They produce bath and body care products, clothing, and a signature line of care products for beards. Honest Amish is one of the …

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Mini-Reviews: 8 Beard Wax Products Highly Recommended [2019]

Having the right beard wax for yourself is almost as important as having right razor is. Both items can severely affect the quality of your facial hair. For that reason, you must take the time to evaluate top rated beard care products and choose what is the best beard wax of them all. The following …

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Guide To The Best Old Fashioned Razor 2019

barber shaves a bearded man in vintage atmosphere

Looking to improve the quality of your shave? Have you decided to try wet shaving, but aren’t quite sure what razor to buy? If you have never heard of it, wet shaving is shaving using traditional shaving tools, namely a straight or double-edge razor, shaving soap, a shaving brush, and warm water. Many men have …

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