Best Corded Beard Trimmer 2017 – Did Your Favorite Beard Trimmer Make The List?

Being a professional barber, I have worked with many beard trimmers over the years and I have to tell you that determining the best corded beard trimmer is not a piece of cake.

Over the years, I have come to realize that as a man it is not just about having a beard trimmer in your arsenal but rather about having the best tool for your circumstances.

Let us face it, the functionality, and design of all professional beard trimmers are not the same.

Take Wahl for example, it has everything that a beardsman needs, but can you call it the best corded beard trimmer of all time? Let us go to the details and establish the kind of trimmer that is perfect for your circumstances.

Conair Corded Mustache and Beard Trimmer

If I had to nominate the best corded beard trimmer of all time, then it has to be the Conair corded mustache and beard trimmer.

This is the best trimmer for long beards, short beards, and stubble.

With this your can sculpt your soul patch, shape your goatee and even create a scruffy two-day stubble look. It also works well for trimming hairline.

Conair corded trimmer is one of the best professional beard trimmers I have ever bought because it cuts closer in comparison to Wahl, Andis, Panasonic and Phillip trimmers.

This trimmer comes with an extremely close-cutting blade for trimming beards, edges around ears, mustaches and necks. It is perfect for all-around fading and outlining.

Four years down the line, and I still have this trimmer in my men’s grooming kit. This Conair trimmer offers years of durability.

Why is this trimmer better than its peers are?

This has to do with the fact that it can deal with an array of hair types and has the stamina to cut for a long time without slowing or overheating. This is what resilience means. With Conair, you will achieve great results. There are various settings for precise cutting. You will also find jaw-line combs for blending and detailing.

• Corded full power, does not rely on battery
• Long power cord, 6 ft
• Comfortable in the hand
• Versatile, can trim any beard type
• Superior trimming results
• No burns or irritation

• International shipping not allowed. However, you can get it anywhere in the US
• Heads are a bit difficult to change but the five years warranty will help if it breaks
• Could have come with more accessories but it has all the necessary attachments

Wahl Power Pro Corded Men’s Grooming Tool

I have been buying WAHL professional beard trimmers for over 25 years.

I have never been disappointed with WAHL. Back in the 80s when I was a teenager and asking such questions as how long does it take to grow a beard, I remember seeing my father shaving his beard with a WAHL trimmer.

He had a very tough beard; we used to joke that he should use a cheese grater on his face.

This Wahl model marks a revolution in the history of professional and personal hair grooming. We highly recommend it. It is an all-in-one full power clipper with detailer, trimmer, and hair clipper.

The kit comes with blade oil, cleaning brush, beard comb, 8-clipper guide combs, 6-position guide, 3-beard guide combs, detail trimmer, trimmer blade, and stainless steel clipper blade. There are also English and Spanish guides for those who want to know how to shape a beard.

• 17 trimming lengths
• Heavy duty clipper, trimmer and detailer
• Precision stainless steel blades that stay sharper longer
• Plugs well to the wall

• Not very effective with non beard areas
• Only suitable for US electrical outlets
• Might not work well on chest hair but perfect for beard trimming

Andis Professional Outliner II Best Corded Beard Trimmer

I got my hands dirty with the Andis Professional Outliner II and here is what I found out. I particularly liked its high quality structure. I was amazed by how this trimmer feels in the hand.

It surely has high quality parts. The contoured housing will fit comfortably in your hands and the 8-foot cord gives you plenty of wiggle room.

The Outliner II is ideal for all-around fading, outlining and close cutting. The design and engineering of this product is impressive. You can always count on an Andis trimmer because consumers, groomers, stylists and barbers in over 90 countries, trust it.

• High speed
• Powerful
• Quality parts
• Aesthetically pleasing and easy to handle

• Expensive
• Not perfect for wet shaving
• Smaller teeth

Wahl T-Pro Beard Trimmer

WAHL is renowned for making the most functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing professional beard trimmers in the market that are perfect for professional and personal usage.

This best seller will facilitate a fine cutting experience because of having a close-cutting blade. Hardened high-quality carbon-steel blades will give you unrivalled durability and functionality.

This particular beard trimmer is perfect for moustache, sideburns, and any other type of beard. It has several accessories including oil, cleaning brushes, and comb.

Maintenance of this trimmer is a breeze and it facilitates fine and precise cuts.

• Small and lightweight
• Easy to handle
• Easy maintenance

• Poor construction
• You may need to repeat a spot a number of times to get a close shave
• You will need to replace the blades after some time

Remington HC5855 Beard Trimmer

I have probably tried many professional beard trimmers over the years. Recently, I was looking for something new for my barbershop and a colleague of mine noticed my search.

He recommended to me the Remington HC5855 Beard Trimmer and I decided to try it. I received my package the next day after purchase and I immediately opened it and started examining it.

I was happy with the design and construction of this Remington trimmer. It has metal drive parts. I have gone through many shavers and their poor plastic drive systems that do not work properly.

With the metal drive parts, the Remington is truly different. Actually, the company calls this the virtually indestructible barbershop clipper.

It has a powerful interior protected by a high-impact polycarbonate casing. The purchase comes with styling comb, beard oils, storage pouch and beard brush. The beard oil provided is just as good as beard conditioner.

• 2X faster cutting performance
• Engineered tough to last a lifetime
• Length-adjusting combs
• Precision ground blades

• The product could have come with a better case. However, this is not a big issue since the case has nothing to do with product functionality
• It will take some time to change the heads but with time, you will muster the whole affair. Read the product manual
• Shipping to a limited number of countries

Wahl Professional AC Trimmer

From Wahl’s professional line of products comes the Wahl Professional AC trimmer. I felt like an idiot for not finding about this sooner. Stylish, functional and with professional precision, this product is intended for professional use and it has the engineering to deliver the sharp performance that you desire in your barbershop.

• Ultra powerful
• Ultra close trimming on textured, thick and multicultural hair types
• Lightweight corded trimmer
• High precision blades

• Unavailability of guide attachments
• Only works with power outlets of the US and a few other countries
• You will need to replace the blade after some time

The Wahl Peanut Classic Beard Trimmer

I have been shaving people’s heads for over ten years and I have to commend Wahl Professional Peanut Classic trimmer on how it does its job. This device makes the work of the barber easy and lives the customer happy. It is simply great for barbers and stylists. Shaving the head of a customer takes very little time with this gadget. This maximizes profits. I have never injured anyone’s head while using this trimmer. The peanut is a winner: it gets the job done perfectly.

• Powerful rotary motor
• Professional precision
• Stylish and functional
• A number of accessories included

• You have to keep blades oiled
• The cord could have been longer. However, it will give you a descent wiggle room
• You might never use some accessories

The Bottom-line

Conair Corded beard trimmer has the most consistent positive reviews I have ever seen in my history of shopping on Amazon. I decided to find out online what people have to say about this trimmer. One Amazon reviewer said that it has good quality parts and it does not feel cheap. Most reviewers have used words such as powerful, quiet, high quality, comfortable and amazing.

The beard trimmer has been a barber’s best friend for decades and is still an important, men’s grooming tool. If you are interested in the most appropriate tool for achieving any facial hairstyle that you desire, you should try out Conair beard trimmer.

After hours of research both in shop and online and having the chance to use this trimmer multiple times, I have to say that Conair is the best beard trimmer that I have ever seen in action.

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