7 Best Beard Growth Products To Try Before You Go Rogue

Are you struggling with growing a beard? You are not alone. Many of us have obtained effective results from best beard growth products. These have helped us to achieve the beards of our dreams.

You might ask us, why are we qualified to recommend the best beard growth products? We do not claim to have special knowledge but what we present to you is years of tireless research and actual testing of facial hair support products.

We will tell you our experiences of using the various products. Also revealed in this article is information we have read from medical journals about the ingredients of the various products.

We have done the legwork to save you from the effort, hassle and time of having to research to find the most effective beard growth products.

In our reviews, we have considered the general consensus from expert beardsmen across the web, opinions of past users of the product, and our own experiences with the products.

We have read hundred of reviews, scientific studies, journal articles and forum posts with the goal of presenting to you the most comprehensive and balanced opinions about the various products.

I thought that growing a beard is the preserve of a few. That was one year ago when all I had were scattered patches of facial hair that I dared called a beard. Twelve months later, things have changed.

I am now the owner of a full beard and it is all because of combining a highly nutritious diet with a number of beard growth products. Growing a beard is not rocket science.

With beard growth tips and the products we have outlined below, you will be on your path to a full beard in no time.

However, we would like to tell you that no product is guaranteed to work 100%, all the time. What works for one person will not automatically work for another individual.

This article will help you to find something suitable for your circumstances.

Best Beard Growth Products – Beard Grow XL

Our journey into the world of beard supplements and vitamins took us to one of the most talked about beard supplement in online and offline beard growth circles.

We wanted to know why many consider this as one of the best beard growth products.

First, we tend to agree with most experts that beard supplements like Beard Grow XL are incredibly easy to use for most men. You simply take them with your meals.

Secondly, lets us find out what people are saying on Amazon about Beard Grow XL then we can go to the science of this product.

According to Amazon Reviews Beard Grow XL Works For:

1.) People with Weak Beard Where Beard Hair Follicles Fall Out Every Time the Beard Is Brushed

After taking Beard Grow XL, one Amazon reviewer who previously had unhealthy beards that were constantly falling out said that his beards stopped shedding off as a result of brushing or running fingers through the beard.

2.) People With Thin And Patchy Beard

Some Amazon reviewers have said that Beard Grow XL fills and thickens thin and patchy beard in a month or two.

3.) People With Good Beards Who Want To Make Them Better

One reviewer said that his beard has never grown so thick, so fast and so shiny as compared to when using Beard Growth XL. People are reporting significant beard growth increase with this product.


What about the Science of the Product?

Let us introduce you to the nutrient Biotin. According to a number of scientific research articles we have read, a biotin deficiency in your body might negatively affect beard growth.

Beard Grow XL Contains More Than 100% of the Daily Recommended Dietary Allowance for Biotin

Precisely, 667%. This is not a typo. Beard Grow XL will give you all the biotin that you need to supercharge your beard growth.

 Thousands of happy satisfied customers all over the world
 Great for all ethnicities
 Helps you to achieve a dense and healthy looking beard.

 High quality and natural ingredients
 Completely non-hormonal


 No overnight results, the product will start working after a week or two of usage.

 Not FDA approved. However, everyday you buy products that are not FDA approved. FDA approval means nothing. What matters most is online customer reviews. This product has many positive Amazon reviews.
 Not a substitute for food, you still need to indulge in a healthy diet.


Maxx Beard

Before we tell you more about this product, we would like to inform you that the mode of administration of this product is by using a dropper.

This facilitates the direct application of the product to a specific area in your face.

Most beard experts we have consulted agree that the direct application of a beard growth product to the face facilitates highly effective results and gets the job done quickly.

We took some time to review the ingredient list on the side label of this product. Here is what we found out; Maxx Beard contains the following ingredients:

1. Biotin
2. Niacin
3. Emu Oil
4. Kopyrrol
5. Saw Palmetto extract
6. Castor oil
7. Red clover extract
8. Proprietary blend of herds

These ingredients are clinically proven. Niacin helps to foster increased blood flow, which ultimately helps with hair growth.

Maxx Beard Has a Very Heavy Mixture of Biotin

So, why all the fuss about Biotin?

This took us to the database of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Here we found several research papers that link biotin deficiency to hair loss.

Bottom-line: A product like Maxx Beard that is loaded with Biotin will help in growing a beard. It is a must have in your male grooming kit.

 Offers a comprehensive and holistic beard growth approach
 Contains crucial nutrients and growth factors
 Will bring the best looking beard, goatee or mustache that you always dream about

 You need to exercise some patience
 May not ship to some countries. However, it ships to most countries of the world including US, UK, Brazil, Canada, China, European countries and others.
 You might have to purchase a number of bottles


Beardilizer Facial Hair Growth Complex

We have had the opportunity of talking to some people who have used this product and what most of them say is that this is not another wimpy beard growth product.

Most Amazon reviewers consider this the most effective way of growing a beard. They say that this is among the best beard growth products that they highly recommend to friends and family members.

Do you fancy the latest beard trends? We love them too.

We love being the guys who are always on top of the trends and we have realized the Beardilizer makes it easy to follow the latest best beards trends because it is a powerful multivitamin complex that offers amazing beard benefits and prevents itchy beards.


 Gives you stronger, fuller beard
 Nourishes the hair follicle from inside
 Has a unique blend of botanical extracts with synergistic properties that will create best facial hair
 Powerful multivitamin complex

 Takes a minimum of four weeks to get results
 You have to take three capsules in a day
 It will not help if you cannot grow facial hair. Only helps with patchy, thin and scattered beard. You need to be able to grow a beard i.e. be past adolescence age.



VitaBeard Facial Hair Growth Multivitamin


According to our research, one of the most popular and best beard growth products on Amazon, online forums and other platforms is VitaBeard.

Upon reading the label of this product we found out that it has the following ingredients.

1. Biotin- 1000% (this just shocked us and it is not an exaggeration)
2. Thiamine- 1000%
3. Folate- 70%
4. Pantothenic Acid- 750%
5. Vitamin B6- 750%
6. Riboflavin- 529%

All these are nutrients that will help you to grow a dense and healthy beard.

We also complied what some Amazon reviewers say about this product.

1.) One user said he has used this product for only 30 days and he has experienced significant beard growth. Double the growth rate when he was not using VitaBeard.

2.) Another user said that his beard became softer, fuller and more manageable since he started using this product.

 Safe and effective beard growth supplements
 Creates thicker and fuller facial hair
 Certified by independent third party organizations

 You still need to diet right
 You might need to combine this supplement with other supplements


Beard Growth Spray

We asked the most refined beard growth experts about the number one reason why they would recommend Beard Growth Spray and they said it offers the most convenient way for growing beards that are between being incredibly sparse and needing a bit of patchwork.

The experts we consulted with also said that Beard Growth Spray is the most versatile beard growth product in the market and it gets the job done in the easiest manner possible.

We would like you to know that this being a spray, you can apply it to a specific area of your face or to the entire face. If you want to grow several parts of your beard out, this is the product for you. Beard Growth Spray, a true contender in being one of the best beard growth products on the market.

 100% Natural Formula
 The most versatile beard growth product
 Ease of usage
 You can apply it to a specific area of your face

 Some men do not like sprays
 Spraying takes more time than popping a pill
 Expensive but it offers full value for money


Beard & Stache Nutrients

When we talk about growing a beard that is thick and dense in the most effective manner possible we are talking about getting all the minerals, vitamins and herbs that you need for beard growth.

Unfortunately, you will not find these in the average diet.

That is why you need Beard and Stache Nutrients from Elevate Recovery Supplements. This product has a carefully designed mix of 27 different nutrients including:

1.) Biotin
2.) Vitamin E
3.) Vitamin C
4.) Zinc
5.) Copper
6.) Manganese
7.) Selenium

These nutrients will offer you superior facial hair support. Nearly every expert we talked to said that biotin, vitamin c, vitamin e and minerals are necessary for beard growth.

It seems if you want to have the best beards, you should use this product.

 A combination of minerals, vitamins and herbal extracts for maximum beard and mustache growth.
 FDA Approved Ingredients.
 Facilitates healthy facial hair growth
 Professional formulated and tested and certified by leading third party organizations

 You only get 30-day supply. If you want to continue using the product after 30 days, you will have to buy more.

 For the product to work effectively, you need to ensure you rarely skip a dose. Take two tablets daily, preferably with meals.
 Some men do not like supplements.


Growther Beard Oil

Our list could not end before we include the #1 beard growth oil in the world: Growther Beard Oil from Beard Farmer.

This product ranks very impressively in the following Amazon categories: Beard Conditioners & Oils, Beard & Mustache Care and Health & Personal Care.

We have never seen a beard growth oil with as many online positive reviews like this one.


The experts we consulted are of the opinion that this beard growth oil works effectively to promote the growth of thick and dense beard mainly because of its direct application to the beard.

There is no doubt in my mind that Growther Beard Oil from Beard Farmer will continue to rank as the #1 beard growth oil in the world – outstanding in it’s field hence the reason it’s made it on to our shortlist as one of the best beard growth products available today.

 Contains 18 rare essential plant oils
 Money Back Guarantee- if it does not work you get a refund
 Bottled and Made in America
 Moisturizes and conditions beards
 100% Natural Beard Oil

 You will not have a full beard overnight but you will start noticing a difference from day one
 Because of direct application, things can sometimes get messy
 Using beard growth oil is not enough. You still need to eat right and use supplements. best beard growth products


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