Best Beard Balm Products In 2017 For All Types Of Beards

(Last Updated On: 06/07/2017)

Facial hair is fashion. There has been a new crop of best beard balm products since the beard trend became popular. With many alternatives available, which are the best options? Which beard care products are worth investing in and which will leave you feeling greasy?

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I solicited the help of some of my bearded colleagues and we were able to come up with top beard balm products.

Honest Amish Beard Balm


We have found the best beard balm that will make your beard manageable and stylish no matter how long it grows. It is Honest Amish Beard Balm. After visiting a number of online beard forums, we found out that this product is what many men are recommending in forums. We are pleased to say that this is exactly what your beard wants. A little of the product goes a long way and it stops beard itching and eliminates dandruff. Honest Amish will leave your face well conditioned and your beard soft. It will also deal with stray whiskers that usually stick straight instead of following the flow of the beard. Most of my colleagues do not have a problem with the scent of this product but I advise you that if you hate even the weakest scents you should probably buy the unscented version.

 Organic; no chemicals, preservatives of fake fragrances
 Softens beard
 Nourishes new growth

 Scent; some people complain of the scent but there is unscented version
 If you open immediately after you receive the product, half of it can spill out. You should wait for some time before opening. Read the blue note that comes with the product before you open.
 Size of the product can disappoint you. However, you only have to use a little every day.

Smooth Viking Best Beard Balm


Smooth Viking beard care balm has made it to the second position on our list and with good reasons. We guarantee that this will afford you a unique way to make your beard to feel and look thicker. Do you want to thicken your beard without the fuss? If that is the case, this is the men’s grooming product for you. The superior hold and shaping power of this beard balm will tidy up your beastliest beard. If you want a professional appearance yet retaining the manliness of your beard, you need this best seller.

 Thickens beard
 Natural product
 Encourages beard growth

 Has some scent but not a strong scent
 Not so great for short beards
 A bit hard but will loosen up when warm

Art Naturals Beard Balm


As they claim, Art Naturals Beard Balm is one of the best beard grooming products. This follicle-friendly beard care product will groom, condition, structure, style and shape your facial hair for a professional appearance. It is made of a blend of natural ingredients such as grape seed oils, sweet orange and jojoba. The vitamins (Vitamin A and C) from this best beard balm are exactly what your beard needs to stay in shape and keep growing. Vitamin A and C have a direct influence on beard growth. They will make you to have a bountiful beard. This men’s grooming product also has mango butter. This will hydrate and condition your beard.

 Has vitamins that support beard growth
 Super hydrating and conditioning
 Keeps the beard smelling fresh all day

 You might need to apply a number of times in a day for more effectiveness
 A bit greasy
 The balm might be kind of runny but it will still do its job in this state

Wild Willies Beard Co. Beard Butter

Premium Beard Balm (20z)



Caring for a moustache or a beard is not an easy feat. You have to do some work every morning to keep it looking professional. Lucky for you, we have found a product that will reduce the effort it takes to care and maintain your beard every morning. This product is Wild Willie’s Beard Balm. This will be a great addition to your men’s grooming kit. It will help your beard to stay classy, tidy and healthy because of its unique formula made of powerful vitamins, carrier oils and essential oils.

 Organic ingredients
 Moisturizes beard
 Promotes growth
 Eliminates itchiness
 Has great hold

 Has some smell
 Does not seem to go far
 Hardens at room temperature
 When the balm gets to your lips and into your mouth, it can make you thirstier. However, it does not have any health side effects.

Honest Amish- Heavy Duty Beard Balm


Here is another one from Honest Amish that has made it to our list of top seven best beard balms. In our view, the heavy-duty beard balm from Honest Amish has better holding power than the regular balms. One of the members in our team who uses this balm is of the opinion that it lasts for the better part of the day. This also seems to be the opinion of a number of Amazon reviewers.

 Easy to use
 Better holding power
 Spreads evenly on hands
 Rubs well into the beard
 No side effects

 Might take a little more effort to wash it from the hands
 Leaves a weird taste on the lips
 Has small amount of oil but your beard will soak the oil quickly
 Using too much of it will make your beard greasy

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Care Balm


Our opinion on this is that this beard care balm is better for a longer beard rather than a shorter one. From the opinions, we have collected online and offline, we can tell you that this product works. It will make your beard less unruly, smoother and softer.


 Easy to wash out
 Free of artificial ingredients
 Facilitates beard growth

 Will make your beard glossy if you use too much
 A bit harder and firmer
 Can wear off after four hours

Conditioning Beard Balm from Liberty Premium Grooming Co


If you need a beard care product that will stop your beard from frizzing and becoming a mess, we have something for you. After reading a number of reviews, we have decided that this is one of the best beard care products. This balm will put an end to beard itching. It will also soften and strengthen your beard with natural ingredients.


 Smells amazing
 Natural ingredients
 Improves beard quality

 Has a woodsy smell
 Has a very waxy consistency
 Small quantity

The Bottom-Line

A survey of bearded men online and the opinions of my bearded colleagues have overwhelmingly revealed that Honest Amish Beard Balm is the best beard balm that most men want. Here is what we found out: most men say that Honest Amish beard balm holds their beard in place for a long time, it smells nice, is affordable, is soft and is easy to apply. For the best results with Honest Amish, make sure to liquefy it before you apply.

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  1. Sylvester

    Professor Fuzzworthys is an all-time fave of mine even though Honest Amish seems to come out on top with many reviews and blogs out there. I like Wild Willies too but a few of the others like Smooth Viking and art naturals i am luke-warm to having purchased them once in the past and having them sit on my dresser for months on end and ‘not in use’// any one tried honest amish heavy duty recently?. would like to know what you’s think.. Sylv,

    • LT

      Hey Sylvester,
      thanks for your comments. I am very much the same when it comes to men’s grooming products; ie: some i will use daily without fail and some will just attract dust. I eventually tend to those products, for example Honest Amish has become a big favorite of mine over a long period of time, but i would’ve picked something many times over H.A in the beginning like maybe professor fuzzworthy or maybe the Grave before Shave line of products. Feel free to drop me a line if you’d like any products reviewed. I’m always keen to try out new products and brands,,, thanks again
      LT recently posted…Best Shaving Gel for Sensitive Skin: Top 5 Picks of 2017 for Shaves as Smooth as SilkMy Profile


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