Discover The Best Remedy For Razor Bumps

A clean shave is something that we all enjoy. We feel confident after spending some time to get that perfect level of shave on our beard. For many, however, shaving does not yield a clean and clear face, but rather causes a nightmare – we’re referring to those nasty razor bumps that may develop shortly … Continue reading

best beard growth products

Are you struggling with growing a beard? You are not alone. Many of us have obtained effective results from best beard growth products. These have helped us to achieve the beards of our dreams. You might ask us, why are we qualified to recommend the best beard growth products? We do not claim to have … Continue reading

Circle Beard

Women love beards just as men love boobs. After all, it is only a man who can grow a circle beard. For men, the question is size. Some men like small boobs while others big ones. For women the question is beard style. Sure, you can find women who like full and wild beards. However, … Continue reading

Reasons to Use a Pre-shave Oil

Though, for the most part, wet shaving gear acquisition is dictated strongly be personal preference, there are some specific reasons you may want to consider adding a pre-shave oil to your kit. Let’s discuss some of these reasons. Lack of Experience Building Lather Lathering a shaving soap or cream is an art. Skill is acquired … Continue reading

Proraso Aftershave Toning Lotion Review

Remember that movie where the adorable little scamp, left home alone on the holidays, uses his father’s razor, then his aftershave? His reaction is hilarious – and close to home for many. Unsurprisingly scraping razor-sharp steel across your face daily causes some skin damage. To soothe and disinfect our ravaged epidermis we apply aftershave. Most … Continue reading